Coral or Trumpet Honeysuckle – Flowers

(Lonicera sempervirens) Honeysuckle family Flowers—Red outside, orange yellow within ; whorled round terminal spikes. Calyx insignificant ; corolla tubular, slender, 1 1/2 in. long or less, slightly spread below the 5-lobed limb ; 5 stamens ; 1 pistil. Stem: A high, twining vine. Leaves : Evergreen in the South only ; opposite, rounded oval, dark, […]

Trumpet-flower, Trumpet-creeper – Flowers

Trumpet-creeper (Tecoma radicans) Trumpet-creeper family Flowers—Red and veined within, paler and inclined toward tawny without, trumpet-shaped, about 2% in. long, the limb with 5 rounded lobes ; 2 to 9 flowers in the terminal clusters ; anther-bearing stamens 4, in pairs, under upper part of tube ; 1 pistil. Stem : A woody vine 20 […]

Beech-drops – Flowers

(Septamnium Virginianum) Broom-rape family (Epifegus Virginiana of Gray) Flowers—Small, dull purple and white, tawny, or brownish striped; scattered along loose, tiny bracted, ascending branches. Stem: Brownish or reddish tinged, slender, tough, branching above, 6 in. to 2 ft. tall, from brittle, fibrous roots. Preferred Habitat—Under beech, oak, and chestnut trees. Flowering Season—August—October. Distribution—New Brunswick, westward […]

Wood Betony – Flowers

Lousewort; Beefsteak Plant; High Heal-all (Pedicularis Canadensis) Figwort family Flowers—Greenish yellow and purplish red, in a short dense spike. Calyx oblique, tubular, cleft on lower side, and with 2 or 3 scallops on upper ; corolla about 3/4 in. long, 2-lipped, the upper lip arched, concave, the lower 3-lobed ; 4 stamens in pairs; 1 […]

Scarlet Painted Cup, Indian Paint-brush – Flowers

Indian Paint-brush (Castilleja Coccinea) Figwort family Flowers—Greenish yellow, enclosed by broad, vermilion, 3-cleft floral bracts ; borne in a terminal spike. Calyx flattened, tubular, cleft above and below into 2 lobes ; usually green, sometimes scarlet ; corolla very irregular, the upper lip long and arched, the short lower lip 3-lobed ; 4 unequal stamens […]

Oswego Tea, Bee Balm – Flowers

Indian’s Plume; Fragrant Balm; Mountain Mint (Monarda didyma) Mint family Flowers—Scarlet, clustered in a solitary, terminal, rounded head of dark-red calices, with leafy bracts below it. Calyx narrow, tubular, sharply 5-toothed ; corolla tubular, widest at the mouth, 2-lipped, 1 1/2 to 2 inches long ; 2 long, anther-bearing stamens ascending, protruding; 1 pistil; the […]

Hound’s Tongue, Gipsy Flower – Flowers

(Cynoglossum officinale) Borage family Flowers—Dull purplish red, about 1 in. across, borne in a curved raceme or panicle that straightens as the bloom advances up-ward. Calyx 5-parted ; corolla salverform, its 5 lobes spreading ; 5 stamens ; 1 pistil. Stem: Erect, stout, hairy, leafy, usually branched, 1 1/2 to 3 ft. high. Leaves : […]

Scarlet Pimpernel – Flowers

Poor Man’s or Shepherd’s Weather-glass ; Red Chickweed ; Burnet Rose; Shepherd’s Clock (Anagallis arvensis) Primrose family Flower—Variable, scarlet, deep salmon, copper red, flesh colored, or rarely white ; usually darker in the centre ; about 1/4. in. across; wheel-shaped ; 5-parted ; solitary, on thread-like peduncles from the leaf-axils. Stem: Delicate ; 4-sided, 4 […]

Pine Sap – Flowers

False Beech-drops; Yellow Bird’s-nest (Hypopitis Hypopitis) Indian-pipe family (Monotropa Hypopitis of Gray) Flowers—Tawny, yellow, ecru, brownish pink, reddish, or bright crimson, fragrant, about ‘ in. long ; oblong bell-shaped ; borne in a one-sided, terminal, slightly drooping raceme, be-coming erect after maturity. Scapes : Clustered from a dense mass of fleshy, fibrous roots ; 4 […]

Ground-nut – Flowers

(Apios Apios) Pea family (A. tuberosa of Gray) Flowers—Fragrant, chocolate brown and reddish purple, numerous, about 1/2 in. long, clustered in racemes from the leaf-axils. Calyx 2-lipped, corolla papilionaceous, the broad standard petal turned backward, the keel sickle-shaped ; stamens within it 9 and i. Stem: From tuberous, edible rootstock ; climbing, slender, several feet […]