Beach or False Heather, Poverty Grass

(Hudsonia tomentosa) Rock-rose family

Flowers—Bright yellow, small, about 1/4 in. across, numerous, closely ascending the upper part of the heath-like branches. Sepals 5, unequal; 5 petals; stamens, 9 to 18. Stem: 4 to 8 in. tall, tufted, densely branched and matted, hoary hairy, pale. Leaves: Overlapping like scales, very small.

Preferred Habitat—Sands of the seashore, pine barrens, beaches of rivers and lakes.

Flowering Season—May July.

Distribution—New–Brunswick to Maryland, west to Lake of the Woods.

Like the showy flowers of the frost-weed, these minute ones open in the sunshine only, and then but for a single day. Nevertheless, the hoary, heath-like little shrub, by growing in large colonies and keeping up a succession of bright bloom, tinges the sand dunes back of the beach with charming color that artists delight to paint in the foreground of their marine pictures.