Hound’s Tongue, Gipsy Flower

(Cynoglossum officinale) Borage family Flowers—Dull purplish red, about 1 in. across, borne in a curved raceme or panicle that straightens as the bloom advances up-ward. Calyx 5-parted ; corolla salverform, its 5 lobes spreading ; 5 stamens ; 1 pistil. Stem: Erect, stout, hairy, leafy, usually branched, 1 1/2 to 3 ft. high. Leaves : […]

Ground Nut

(Apios Apios) Pea family (A. tuberosa of Gray) Flowers—Fragrant, chocolate brown and reddish purple, numerous, about 1/2 in. long, clustered in racemes from the leaf-axils. Calyx 2-lipped, corolla papilionaceous, the broad standard petal turned backward, the keel sickle-shaped ; stamens within it 9 and i. Stem: From tuberous, edible rootstock ; climbing, slender, several feet […]

Golden Ragwort, Squaw-Weed

(Senecio aureus) Thistle family Flower-heads—Golden yellow, about 3/4 in. across, borne on slender peduncles in a loose, leafless cluster ; rays 8 to 12 around minute disk florets. Stem: Slender, 1 to 2 1/2 ft. high, solitary or tufted, from a strong-scented root. Leaves: From the root, on long petioles, rounded or heart-shaped, scalloped-edged, often […]

Golden Aster

(Chrysopsis Mariana) Thistle family Flower-heads—Composite, yellow, 1 in. wide or less, a few corymbed flowers on glandular stalks ; each composed of perfect tubular disk florets surrounded by pistillate ray florets ; the involucre campanulate, its narrow bracts overlapping in several series. Stem: Stout, silky-hairy when young, nearly smooth later, 1 to 2 1/2 ft. […]

Golden Rods

(Solidago) Thistle family When these flowers transform whole acres into ” fields of the cloth-of-gold,” the slender wands swaying by every roadside, and purple asters add the final touch of imperial splendor to the autumn landscape, already glorious with gold and crimson, is any parterre of Nature’s garden the world around more gorgeous than that […]

Lance-leaved Tickseed, Golden Coreopsis

(Coreopsis lanceolata) Thistle family Flowers-heads—Showy, bright golden yellow, the 6 to 10 wedge-shaped, coarsely toothed ray florets around yellowish disk florets soon turning brown; each head on a very long, smooth, slender footstalk. Stems: 1 to 2 ft. high, tufted. Leaves: A few seated on stem, lance-shaped to narrowly oblong; or lower ones crowded, spatulate, […]

Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Indian Turnip

(Arisaema triphyllum) Arum family Flowers—Minute, greenish yellow, clustered on the lower part of a smooth, club-shaped, slender spadix within a green and maroon or whitish-striped spathe that curves in a broad-pointed flap above it. Leaves: 3-foliate, usually overtop-ping the spathe, their slender petioles 9 to 30 in. high, or as tall as the scape that […]

Large Coral-Root

(Corallorhiza multiflora) Orchid family Flowers—Dull brownish purple, about 1 in. high; 10 to 30 borne in a raceme 2 to 8 in. long. Petals about the length of sepals, and somewhat united at the base ; spur yellowish, the oval lip white, spotted and lined with purplish; 3-lobed, wavy edged. Scape, 8 to 20 in. […]

Horse-Balm, Citronella

Rich-weed; Stone-root; Horse-weed (Collinsonia Canadensis) Mint family Flowers—Light yellowish lemon-scented, about in. long, mostly opposite, in numerous spreading racemes, forming long, loose, terminal clusters. Calyx bell-shaped, 2-lipped, upper lip 3-toothed, lower lip 2-cleft; corolla 5-lobed, 4 lobes nearly equal, the fifth much larger, fringed; stamens protruding 2 anther-bearing; 1 long style, the stigma forked. Preferred […]

Moth Mullein

(Verbascum Blattaria) Figwort family Flowers—Yellow, or frequently white, 5-parted, about 1 in. broad, marked with brown ; borne on spreading pedicles in a long, loose raceme ; all the filaments with violet hairs ; protruding pistil. Stem: Erect, slender, simple, about 2 ft. high, sometimes less, or much taller. Leaves: Seldom present at flowering time […]