Pine Sap

False Beech-drops; Yellow Bird’s-nest (Hypopitis Hypopitis) Indian-pipe family (Monotropa Hypopitis of Gray) Flowers—Tawny, yellow, ecru, brownish pink, reddish, or bright crimson, fragrant, about ‘ in. long ; oblong bell-shaped ; borne in a one-sided, terminal, slightly drooping raceme, be-coming erect after maturity. Scapes : Clustered from a dense mass of fleshy, fibrous roots ; 4 […]

Scarlet Pimpernel

Poor Man’s or Shepherd’s Weather-glass ; Red Chickweed ; Burnet Rose; Shepherd’s Clock (Anagallis arvensis) Primrose family Flower—Variable, scarlet, deep salmon, copper red, flesh colored, or rarely white ; usually darker in the centre ; about 1/4. in. across; wheel-shaped ; 5-parted ; solitary, on thread-like peduncles from the leaf-axils. Stem: Delicate ; 4-sided, 4 […]

Scarlet Painted Cup, Indian Paint Brush

Indian Paint-brush (Castilleja Coccinea) Figwort family Flowers—Greenish yellow, enclosed by broad, vermilion, 3-cleft floral bracts ; borne in a terminal spike. Calyx flattened, tubular, cleft above and below into 2 lobes ; usually green, sometimes scarlet ; corolla very irregular, the upper lip long and arched, the short lower lip 3-lobed ; 4 unequal stamens […]

Oswego Tea, Bee Balm

Indian’s Plume; Fragrant Balm; Mountain Mint (Monarda didyma) Mint family Flowers—Scarlet, clustered in a solitary, terminal, rounded head of dark-red calices, with leafy bracts below it. Calyx narrow, tubular, sharply 5-toothed ; corolla tubular, widest at the mouth, 2-lipped, 1 1/2 to 2 inches long ; 2 long, anther-bearing stamens ascending, protruding; 1 pistil; the […]

Pitcher Plant

Side-saddle Flower; Huntsman’s Cup; Indian Dipper (Sarracenea purpurea) Pitcher-plant family Flower—Deep reddish purple, sometimes partly greenish, pink, or red, 2 in. or more across, globose ; solitary, nodding from scape 1 to 2 ft. tall. Calyx of 5 sepals, with 3 or 4 bracts at base ; 5 overlapping petals, enclosing a yellowish, umbrella-shaped dilation […]

Orange or Tawny Hawkweed

Golden Mouse-ear Hawkweed; Devil’s Paint-brush (Hieracium aurantiacum) Chicory family Flower-heads—Reddish orange ; 1 in. across or less, the 5-toothed rays overlapping in several series ; several heads on short peduncles in a terminal cluster. Stem: Usually leafless, or with 1 to 2 small sessile leaves ; 6 to 20 in. high, slender, hairy, from a […]

Sneezeweed, Swamp Sunflower

(Helenium autumnale) Thistle family Flower-heads—Bright yellow, 1 to 2 in. across, numerous, borne on long peduncles in corymb-like clusters ; the rays 3 to 5 cleft, and drooping around the yellow or yellowish-brown disk. Stem: 2 to 6 ft. tall, branched above. Leaves : Alternate, firm, lance-shaped to oblong, toothed, seated on stem or the […]

Skunk or Swamp Cabbage

(Spathyema foetida) Arum family (Symplocarpus foetidus of Gray) Flowers—Minute, perfect, foetid ; many scattered over a thick, rounded, fleshy spadix, and hidden within a swollen, shell-shaped, purplish-brown to greenish-yellow, usually mottled, spathe, close to the ground, that appears before the leaves. Spadix much enlarged and spongy in fruit, the bulb-like berries imbedded in its surface. […]

Red, Wood, Flame, or Philadelphia Lily

(Latium Philadelphicum) Lily family Flowers—Erect, tawny or red-tinted outside; vermilion, or sometimes reddish orange, and spotted with madder brown within ; 1 to 5, on separate peduncles, borne at the summit. Perianth of 6 distinct, spreading, spatulate segments, each narrowed into a claw, and with a nectar groove at its base; 6 stamens ; 1 […]

St. Andrew’s Cross

(Ascyrum hypericoides) St. John’s-wort family (A. Crux-Andreae of Gray) Flowers—Yellow, 1/2 to 3/4 in. across, terminal and from the leaf axils. Calyx of 4 sepals in 2 pairs ; 4 narrow, oblong petals; stamens numerous ; 2 styles. Stem : Much branched and spreading from base, 5 to 10 in. high, leafy. Leaves: Opposite, oblong, […]