Wild Columbine – Flowers

(Aquilegia Canadensis) Crowfoot family Flower—Red outside, yellow within, irregular, 1 to 2 in. long, solitary, nodding from a curved footstalk from the upper leaf-axils. Petals 5, funnel-shaped, but quickly narrowing into long, erect, very slender hollow spurs, rounded at the tip and united below by the 5 spreading red sepals, between which the straight spurs […]

Wood Betony – Flowers

Lousewort; Beefsteak Plant; High Heal-all (Pedicularis Canadensis) Figwort family Flowers—Greenish yellow and purplish red, in a short dense spike. Calyx oblique, tubular, cleft on lower side, and with 2 or 3 scallops on upper ; corolla about 3/4 in. long, 2-lipped, the upper lip arched, concave, the lower 3-lobed ; 4 stamens in pairs; 1 […]

Trumpet-flower, Trumpet-creeper – Flowers

Trumpet-creeper (Tecoma radicans) Trumpet-creeper family Flowers—Red and veined within, paler and inclined toward tawny without, trumpet-shaped, about 2% in. long, the limb with 5 rounded lobes ; 2 to 9 flowers in the terminal clusters ; anther-bearing stamens 4, in pairs, under upper part of tube ; 1 pistil. Stem : A woody vine 20 […]

Tall or Giant Sunflower – Flowers

(Helianthus giganteus) Thistle family Flower-heads—Several, on long, rough-hairy peduncles; 1 1/2 to 2 1/4 in. broad; 10 to 20 pale yellow neutral rays around a yellowish disk whose florets are perfect, fertile. Stem: 3 to 12 ft. tall, bristly-hairy, usually branching above, often reddish; from a perennial, fleshy root. Leaves : Rough, firm, lance-shaped, saw-toothed, […]

Tansy, Bitter-buttons – Flowers

(Tanacetum vulgar?) Thistle family Flower-heads—Small, round, of tubular florets only, packed within a depressed involucre, and borne in flat-topped corymbs. Stem: 1 1/2 to 3 ft. tall, leafy. Leaves : Deeply and pinnately cleft into narrow, toothed divisions; strong scented. Preferred Habitat—Roadsides ; commonly escaped from gardens. Flowering Season—July—September. Distribution—Nova Scotia, westward to Minnesota, south […]

Tall or Wild Lettuce, Wild Opium – Flowers

(Lactuca Canadensis) Chicory family Flower-heads—Numerous, small, about 1/4 in. across, involucre cylindric, rays pale yellow ; followed by abundant, soft, bright white pappus ; the heads growing in loose, branching, terminal clusters. Stem : Smooth, 3 to to ft. high, leafy up to the flower panicle ;juice milky. Leaves: Upper ones lance shaped ; lower […]

Wild Ginger – Flowers

Canada Snakeroot; Asarabacca (Asarum Canadense) Birthwort family Flower—Solitary, dull purplish brown, creamy white within, about 1 in. broad when expanded, borne on a short peduncle close to or, upon the ground. Calyx cup-shaped, deeply cleft, its 3 acutely pointed lobes spreading, curved corolla wanting ; 12 short, stout stamens inserted on ovary ; the thick […]

Yellow Violets – Flowers

(Viola) Violet family Fine hairs on the erect, leafy, usually single stem of the Downy Yellow Violet (V. pubescens), whose dark veined, bright yellow petals gleam in dry woods in April and May, easily distinguish it from the Smooth Yellow Violet (V. scabriuscula), formerly considered a mere variety in spite of its being an earlier […]

Wild Indigo, Yellow or Indigo Broom – Flowers

(Baptisia tinctoria) Pea family Flowers—Bright yellow, papilionaceous, about 1/2 in. long, on short pedicels, in numerous but few flowered terminal racemes. Calyx light green, 4 or 5-toothed ; corolla of 5 oblong petals, the standard erect, the keel enclosing 10 incurved stamens and 1 pistil. Stem: Smooth, branched, 2 to 4 ft. high. Leaves: Compounded […]

Yellow or Hop Clover – Flowers

(Trifolium agrarium) Pea family Flowers—Yellow, scale-like, overlapping in a densely many-flowered oblong head about .1/2 in. long, becoming brown with age. Stem: Ascending, branched, 6 to 18 in. high. Leaves: 3-foliate, very finely toothed. Preferred Habitat—Waste places, fields, roadsides. Flowering Season—May—September. Distribution—Virginia to Iowa, and far northward. What did the sulphur butterflies provide as food […]