Golden Aster

(Chrysopsis Mariana) Thistle family

Flower-heads—Composite, yellow, 1 in. wide or less, a few corymbed flowers on glandular stalks ; each composed of perfect tubular disk florets surrounded by pistillate ray florets ; the involucre campanulate, its narrow bracts overlapping in several series. Stem: Stout, silky-hairy when young, nearly smooth later, 1 to 2 1/2 ft. tall. Leaves : Alternate, oblong to spatulate, entire.

Preferred Habitat-Dry soil, or sandy, not far inland.

Flowering Season—August—September.

Distribution—Long Island and Pennsylvania to the Gulf States.

Whoever comes upon clumps of these handsome flowers by the dusty roadside cannot but be impressed with the appropriateness of their generic name (Chrysos = gold ; opsis = aspect). Farther westward, north and south, it is the Hairy Golden Aster (C. villosa), a pale, hoary-haired plant with similar flowers borne at midsummer, that is the common species.