Golden Corydalis

(Capnoides aureum) Poppy family

(Corydalis aurea of Gray)

Flowers–Bright yellow, about 1/2 in. long, with a spur half the length of the tubular corolla; irregular, lipped; each upheld by a little bract, mostly at a horizontal; borne in a terminal, short raceme. Stem: Smooth, 6 to 14 in. high, branching. Leaves: Finely dissected, decompound, petioled. Fruit. Sickle-shaped, drooping pods, wavy lumped, and tipped with the style.

Preferred Habitat—Woods, rocky banks.

Flowering Season—March—May.

Distribution—Minnesota to Nova Scotia and Pennsylvania.

A dainty little plant, next of kin to the pink corydalis.